Brown Jordan cushions are an outdoor INVESTMENT

...To be protected; Make your cushions OUTLAST the originals.

  • Sew Pattern: That starts with the redesign of the sew pattern, rendering the cushions stronger and more comfortable. The seam is the weak point in a cushion -- Single seam sew patterns put stress on a cushion when fill is added -- Best option is no seam -- "Bullnose," which is one continuous piece of fabric -- The sides of the cushion have a full gusset or panel which evenly distributes the stress. This also allows the use of thicker foam which increases overall comfort.
  • Fully Reversible Cushions last longer. Ties should never be sewn to prevent reversal. Sliding loop velcro ties allow you to flip the cushion and tie to the frame's side rails. Ties insert through a Sunbrella loop and are never directly sewn into a seam. Consequently, they are replaceable.
  • Thread: The finest Sunbrella fabric is useless if the cushion seams split prematurely. Back in 2010, we started using the "Rolls Royce" of thread... Gore UV Teflon thread is frequently used on bulletproof vests. The thread is guaranteed to outlast the fabric.
  • Hands-on quality: Our success since 1979 stems from human effort. Our cutters and seamsters are the best in the industry. Quality takes time -- "RUSH" is a four-letter word.
  • Price: Our pricing is the most competitive in the industry for comparable QUALITY. Our factory-direct pricing eliminates the middleman/woman and saves you approximately 50%. That's as good as it gets when QUALITY is maintained. Reducing prices any further would result in a reduction of quality materials. That will never happen on our watch. Our legendary customer testimonials will assure you, "We dont make junk."


Thanks for taking the time and effort to read this.

- The production team at Cushions USA