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Even if Brown Jordan made the best cushions in the world– Brown Jordan replacement cushions should not be overpriced. Our Brown Jordan customers say our replacement cushions are better at SIGNIFICANT SAVINGS.

John Caldwell, designer for Brown Jordan has stated:   "Design is never finished, you can always improve a design." 

That's why we have been improving their cushions for 40 years. Brown Jordan's new collections include a full gusset double seam bullnose, sew pattern. The same design we have been using to improve their cushions since 1979... It just took them a while to catch on. See - Pasadena collection for bullnose; The Freemont collection is the single seam sew pattern we always modify.

Our business philosophy for the past 40 years has been



After 40 years – We have templates for most of Brown Jordan cushions collections – NO MEASUREMENTS REQUIRED …

Current Brown Jordan Cushion Collections:

Calcutta, Campaign Grande, Elements, Florentine, Fusion, Parkway, Roma, Venetian, & more

Early Brown Jordan Cushion Collections:

Aegean, Calcutta, (old), Camden Square, Campaign Grande, Canyon, Coast, Daylily, Eastlake, Elegance, Harmony, Havana, Mission Teak, & more

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1. If you need help identifying collections, email photos to

2. First, identify pieces in your collection, then go to Sunbrella fabric page tab at the top of our website.

3. We have most Brown Jordan templates, no measurements required.