Customer Testimonials

We have been improving Brown Jordan original cushions for decades. Brown Jordan cannot change their original cushions — that would create confusion — recent ” wannabe” manufacturers are attempting to copy our innovations — That’s what free-market capitalism is all about — All testimonials are documented emails — last name withheld to protect the identity of the client



Sonia ||Greenville, SC

RE: Brown Jordan Fusion

Here’s a photo of the cushions you made for our Brown Jordan (elegance) collection. We love them! They’re beautiful & fit perfectly. Thank you for an outstanding job!

Maria & Duncan B. || Gloucester, MA

RE: Brown Jordan Venetian

My wife said, “I think these are much nicer and better fitting than our Brown Jordan cushions.”… Thus, post this on your website… “for at least 50% less than Brown Jordan, the quality, workmanship, fit, etc. is much better than Brown Jordan — a “no brainer” use Cushions USA if you are buying new cushions for anything…

Jeff M. || Albuquerque, NM

RE: Brown Jordan Fusion

Thank you very much for the cushions. You did a great job with communication and they were delivered exactly when you said they would be. The fit is perfect. For the price, they are AMAZING quality and I actually like them BETTER than our original cushions.

Cindy B. || Louisville, KY

RE: Brown Jordan Venetian

Just got home from a trip & unboxed my cushions. They are PERFECT!! Thank you so much…great experience.

Kris D. || Alanta, GA

RE: Brown Jordan Florentine

They arrived yesterday and they are PERFECT. Thank you so much

Nancy P. || Morristown, TN

RE: Brown Jordan

Need a price for the rest of our Roma pieces — you did work for us earlier in the year and it was wonderful.

Diana N. || Massillon, OH

RE: Brown Jordan

Love the Brown Jordan cushions you made for my Eastlake sofa & chair. I’d like to have 3 more cushions made for complimentary chairs. Thanks.

Chris M. || Mill Valley, CA

RE: Brown Jordan Eastlake

They are almost too nice to put on the deck. Thank you so much for doing a great job.

Lisa H. || Clarksburg, MD

RE: Brown Jordan

I just got my replacement cushions and they are better than the original Brown-Jordan cushions that came with the set!! It’s amazing – – same fabric and filling choices as Brown-Jordan at less than 1/2 the cost. They are absolutely GORGEOUS!…. Is there a link for me to leave a testimonial on your website?

John J. || Dallas, TX

RE: Brown Jordan / Florentine

The cushions arrived yesterday. They look great! The only problem is that arrived 5 days early. Glad you discovered I had reticulated foam, no one else even talked about it. You have me as a customer for life. Thanks again.…

Lacie L. || Pacific Palisades, CA

RE: Brown Jordan Fusion

We received the cushions last night and they’re PERFECT! Thank you very much for all your hard work on the cushions. This set is BETTER than the originals from Brown Jordan, Great Job!

Margie S. || Los Angeles, CA

RE: Brown Jordan Coast Collection

I have been intending to write since the cushions arrived… They are wonderful — the fabric and finish are great… as molding themselves to a perfect fit. Thanks again for a great job!!

Lisa B. || Springhouse, PA

RE: Brown Jordan Roma

Dear Kim, I am tardy in letting you know that all the cushions arrived safe and sound. They are beautifully made, beautiful to look at and more comfortable than the originals. Thank you for being so easy to work with and so focused on getting everything right.

Sharon K. || Great Neck, NY

RE: Brown Jordan Cushions

Good day, I purchased 14 chaise cushions from you a few years ago, which I am very happy with…I would like to replace some deep seating lounge chairs, please quote. As I said I love the cushions you’ve made for me and would like the new cushions to be of the same high quality…

Cindy M. || Westwood, CA

RE: Brown Jordan

I have been very pleased with the cushions you did for us in 2011. I want to change the fabric plus I have a whole other set of furniture that we might as well do at the same time. Thank you.

Michelle R. || Newport Coast, CA

RE: Brown Jordan Roma

The cushions I received are WONDERFUL. I forgot 2 additional lounge sets– could I please order 2 more…Also wondered if you can make Landgrave Hacienda cushions (for my home in Carmel)

Millard A. || Annapolis, MD

RE: Brown Jordan Eastlake

Thanks so much, the cushions arrived yesterday- perfect fit and great job.

Tammy R. || Wichita, KS

RE: Brown Jordan Vintage

Got the cushions this morning- they are awesome and great fit. Can you pass our gratitude to Wayne– Thanks to you all

Tiffany C. || La Jolla, CA

RE: Brown Jordan / Venetian

We had a beautiful day in La Jolla yesterday and put all the cushions outside and tested them out. WOW!! am thrilled with the look. The cushions are perfect.